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I've dug through my scraps of paper (I keep everything) . . . but cannot find a number for Jennifer Taylor.  My husband had to have some serious memory jogging and came up with less than I did.

On an interesting note, I did a Google search:  "great pyrenees" AND "denton texas"   The first thing that popped up was a notice of a lost Great Pyrenees in Denton . . . I sent an email to this person and directed him/her to come to 20PM and look at the photo you posted.  The photo they posted on their notice looks a lot like Macy . . . What makes this remarkable is that most Great Pyrenees have enormous, square heads, heavy dewlaps (jowls), and are very wide and strongly built.  Macy, to me anyway, looks like a white Golden Retriever . . . until I saw the two dewclaws on her hind legs, that's what I thought she was.  Once I saw the dewclaws, I realized she's a Pyrenees.

Anyway, I digress. 

If I hear of anything (or think of anything else), I'll post it here.  Again, thank you for stepping in and helping Macy.  She's a real sweetheart.

Texasgirl this is for you   :-*

Well, I just got back from posting signs and talking to everyone that would talk to me!  Apparently everyone in the neighborhood as seen her and/or taken care of her for some time.  A few people told me they had seen a man and a lady looking for a big white dog - I just wish those people would either post missing dog signs or find the cheesy signs that I posted!!

DH and I didn't get any sleep last night due to the dog scratching at the doors the entire night!!   :-X

This morning I got in touch with the guy that was looking for the Pyrenees yesterday and alas, the dog we have is not his!  :'(

So still searching for this dogs owners...  I will be posting more signs tonight so if you see me feel free to say "HI".

Man alive -- these folks are supposed to have a Lab, too.  Because Macy was clean when you found her, I was assuming that meant she got out a door left carelessly open.

If lots of us around TR have looked after Macy at one time or another, what the heck does that say about the current owners' efforts to take care of her / keep her contained?!


Seriously, when/if I find them I am going to tell them I charge $15/per day for boarding!


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